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Part 401: Town Planning 2

Issaries sacrifice is leading in the votes, but divinations always let you do something else afterwards, and there 4 votes for a divination/sacrifice(I counted tonberrytoby's for this, since Vandarl's suggesting a divination) compared to 7 for regular old sacrifice, so the choice is clear.

But wait! For once, we're only allowed to do a divination. I'll admit that this is my bad; since every other event in the game lets you do something else after sacrificing, I assumed I could do the Issaries sacrifice after this. I'm leaving it as-is instead of savescumming because really, look at this bullshit. It's exactly the right kind of bullshit for our clan's luck. (I also could not look to the previous LP for guidance, since they skipped straight to sacrifice, and I typically do the same thing in my own games)

Now we get some name options, but all of the suggested names are absolutely terrible, and goons will want to pick a new name anyway. Harvard and Havart were both popular options, so I'll let proper name voting start so we can pick something(and who knows, perhaps someone will come up with an even better name!). Meanwhile, let's see what the ring has to say.

I have to admit it, Penterestton has a certain ring to it.
Bad King Urgrain forced his name upon a town he had built. No one remembers where it was, now.
(who has a bow & arrow, and is missing history in the making? This lady!)
"A true name rings through the sagas like the clear call of a bell."
We should listen to what all the tribes have to say, so that the name will have everyone's support.
Me! Me! Name it after me!
Many towns are named after their founders, but there are other ways of finding a name.