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Part 402: Outlaw Warrior

Even in the "pick your own name" section, the game throws out its own suggestion. But we're no newts, so Harvard it is!

Earth season comes, and I sacrifice to Chalana Arroy so that we have an unbroken ring for cowLARPing.

Brandig, a man who moves with the confidence of an experienced warrior, applies for refuge in your clan. He is a proud warrior, and doesn't like being reduced to begging for help, but he has little wish to be a bandit in the hills.

-Give him a place in the chief's hall.
-Give him hospitality for the night, but send him on his way.
-Offer him quarters in the fort.
-Recommend his services to an allied clan.
-Send him packing.

No, we haven't had this event before. We just had a different one that used the same art & a similar situation.

This is an opportunity to display our generosity.
It's all well and good to prevent him from turning bandit, but we're feeding enough warriors as it is. (So he wants to fob the guy off on an ally instead.)
The carls will worry that he'll kill one of them, or seduce someone's wife.
Gordangar, who slew many of our ancient enemies during King Heort's travails, was outlawed not once, but twice.
We are neither obligated to help him, nor prohibited from doing so.
Send him to the Jenestni, and use him against them.
He was outlawed either for a killing, which may have been justified or not, or an act of adultery.