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Part 405: Tusk Riders Incoming

nimby posted:

A little lost blood is nothing, when there is life to be given.

Even if the blood is made up of delicious lamb chops.
You seem to be highly confused about what species of animal this quest involves.

Let's see what all the wrong options entail!

Apparently, maternal lullabyes are actually hypnosis spells. What a brutal fate for poor Enerin!

CowLARP: "Oh, what's this? You thought the horrible deaths would end with the biting things? "

Now let's see what happens when we choose the correct option.


(Fun fact: I did some behind the scenes savescumming to see if Enerin could possibly succeed at this. Highlights included her dying to the biting things(convincing the bulls is a very hard check, and it didn't succeed on any of my scums!), and her getting stuck in an endless loop of being lost in the realm of the gods that I could only end by having her kill herself by leaping into Gustbran's fire(after losing countless cows, goods, and clan magic by gambling with whatsherface, and having Ty Kora Tek go "no, these silver lips/this brain/etc does not match your soul" a couple times). At no point did she manage to actually get to this step of the quest again, and every single one of her failures ended in death. That's right, we doomed her by sending her on this quest at all.)

Patrols spot a massive group of Tusk Riders galloping towards your tula on their giant boar mounts. The people are frightened. Some of them accuse Thedart, the warrior cursed to wear a Tusk Rider's face, with alerting them to your tula's location. He scoffs at this accusation. Then he offers to ride out to the Tusk Riders and negotiate with them. "Perhaps I can make some use of this cursed face, and somehow convince them to turn back their assault."

-Immediately charge the incoming raiders.
-Kill Thedart for betraying you to the Tusk Riders.
-Let Thedart negotiate with the Tusk Riders.
-Steel yourselves for the attack.
-Tell Thedart to direct the Rusk Riders to another clan.

We should send them against our enemies in the Blue Jay clan.
Even if Thedart has betrayed us, we must take mercy on his bride and child.
The tuskers are fierce but stupid. If we immediately counterattack, we stand a chance of breaking them into a rout.
Tusk Riders do not normally gather in such large groups; they hate each other nearly as much as they hate all other peoples.
This is a tough one.
Tusk Riders are cruel and stupid, but if anyone can stay their hand, it would be Thedart.