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Part 408: Building Harvard 3

Ashart it is!

Uh oh. They're on to us. I do a divination since we might as well use these piles of magic for something, and hopefully that convinces him more than doing our own questioning and going "nope, no chaos here."

He's not convinced, but the spirits say we're innocent! I do our own questioning anyway since that seems slightly less rude than going "fuck off."

Fucking Storm Bulls. (now watch as we get a mysterious batch of chaos-related events )

While I'm idly clicking through screens, I catch this bit of sexism from Kenvent. Probably not a good idea to say that while you're sitting right next to Oranda Hunter-Of-Men, buddy.

I do a divination since it's a good idea to keep tabs on what your threats are. Good to know that chaos isn't our biggest threat, and that it continues to be werewolves instead.

Harvard, the town you built with the cooperation of the Malani and Kheldon tribes, is now constructed and ready for inaugural ceremonies. The people of various tribes are in a celebratory mood.

-Embark on the Issaries the Conciliator heroquest. (Note: We did just fail at a heroquest, but we also got an omen immediately afterwards telling us we should do a heroquest soon)
-Give gifts to the Malani and Kheldon kings.
-Let the other kings decide how to celebrate.
-Ritually dedicate the town to Issaries.
-Throw a feast for everyone who helped build the town.

When gifting kings, gift equally, for kings are jealous creatures.
We must make sure that the women do not ruin this fair town with their offensive behavior and outlandish ways. (Still not a good idea to say this stuff with Oranda right there, Kentvent.)
We must make sure that the men behave properly in this new town, and do not bring it to ruin. (Can't we all be friends, regardless of our genitals?)
Feasting everyone who helped build the town will cost us fifty cows.
A great feast will cost us fifty cows worth of trade goods.
Our most famous ancestors all went on heroquests.
Issaries is pleased by towns. If we embark on his heroquest now, we will have a greater than normal chance of success.