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Part 410: Building Harvard 5

Yadda yadda contacting gods directly yadda.

Lhankor Mhy was getting me worried for a minute there.

Urox never worries me. And now for the rest of the quest.

Before someone complains about me trading away a treasure, I'll be blunt and say that I'd probably never use the Whirlwind Jar. Any raiding situation grim enough for me to use it is one where I'd rather use the Raven Banner instead for the guaranteed victory. Treasure trading here is also the only way to guarantee that your quester won't pop out injured(or, knowing our luck, killed). Trying to give Paratur the Tiger's Eye Necklace ends badly(remember, the only way to get it in the first place is by trading with him!), as does trying to give him the treasure the Digging Stick People gave us.

Now that this is all done with, I can see that our shiny new Board of Nails "helps keep our farmers from becoming too unhappy." Handy!

I can also see that the game marks the Malani and Kheldon tribes as "partners in town-building" on the diplomacy screen.

I have Valensta go off to solidy our friendship with one of the other king-holding tribes. I'm showing Loricon's warning here because it's an important one - if we get more alliances now, other ones will fall apart because the clans involved won't feel special anymore. (Being allies is meaningless if everyone is your ally!)

How cute, they think they can win with those numbers.

That's right, the only one of them who managed to kill anyone was that berserker.

Now for a trip to Tarsh.

Our fields will be nicely fertilized for next Sea season.

Fucking pasture auto-shrinkage.

Oh no, we'll have harvest problems this year! Pity we have a mere three years' worth of food to fall back on.

What are our goals for this year, other than the endgame ?