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Part 411: Telmori War 1

With the town built, we now have a third point of Destiny to further our endgame successes. I put two points of magic in quests to satisify the "what if a heroquest opportunity pops up in an event? " lobby.

And the game plunges into an event before I get a chance to do anything else!

Word reaches you that the Culbrea and Colymar tribes are fighting a war with the Telmori, the strange and savage folk who are part man, part wolf. Orlanthi losses have been heavy, because the Telmori know the land well, and have magics unfamiliar to the Orlanthi god-talkers. Although once hostile to one another, the tribes have united behind a war leader called Hauberk Jon. Under his leadership, the Orlanthi have rallied somewhat, but their cause still seems desperate.

-Attack the Colymar now that they are weak.
-Attack the Culbrea now that they are weak.
-Convince your town-making allies to help you fight the Telmori.
-Do nothing.
-Tell Hauberk Jon you will make peace with the Telmori if he agrees to build a town.
-Tell Hauberk Jon you will make peace with the Telmori on his behalf.

The true leader does not do what is expedient; he does what others think impossible. (He means "tell Hauberk to help us build a town in exchange for peace" level impossible)
How can we even think of making such a dishonorable war during Sea Season? Find a different way.
Sometimes the Telmori are wolves, sometimes they are men.
The Telmori once worshipped the chaos god Gbaji, and now wander the earth without peace.
Making peace with the Telmori will be very difficult, but if we achieve it, we can ask whatever we want.
Whatever the rest of you decide.
If we beat a weakened neighbor, the spoils will be great. If we lose, we can expect savage reprisals. (Loricon is literally the only ring member advocating attacking one of the weakened tribes. Chalana Arroy must be so proud of him.)