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Part 412: Telmori War 2

The Saurus posted:

Whenever I let an Uroxi interrogate my clan and try to find a chaos cultist they always, always, pick my king or queen. So whoever suggested we let them do that is pretty much a chaos cultist themselves, trying to fuck us out of the endgame at the last minute.
Yeah, I'm basically never going to let an Uroxi interrogate us because of this shit. It'd be a funny game over, but an entirely avoidable one.

Time to get our peace on.

Ashart makes it to Hauberk Jon's encampment, and then must decide how to convince thim that you can make peace with the Telmori, and that he should then agree to help you build a city.

-"By definition, one can make peace only with one's enemy."
-"Our king has a magical destiny."
-"We made peace between warring tribes; we can make peace with the Telmori."
-"We might fail, but you risk nothing to let us try."
-"We will attack you if you do not let us make peace."

We have proven our ability to broker peace already, and will be able to do it again. (He likes the sound of "we made peace between tribes" and "we might fail but there's no risk in trying")