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Part 413: Telmori War 3

Bitch, our king is magic.

...wait, that worked? That was supposed to be the joke option I showed off before going with the real goon option! Quickly, to the other joke option!

I suddenly suspect that with a heroic bargainer at the helm, none of the options are really joke options.

Okay, maybe that one was. Onto the real choice!

Now you can be satisfied with the specific brand of flavor text we wanted.

Lather, rinse, repeat, meet wolfmen.

Side note: One thing that's kind of lost in LP format is the music changes in events like this, where the tracks change as you progress in a series of rapid decisions. Sure, I link the tracks and you can listen to them, but it's not quite the same when you're hearing each track several hours apart as opposed to minutes.

Hauberk Jon tells you where he thinks the main Telmori encampment is. Ashart and 25 warriors travel there. There they find the traces of an encampment. They follow a trail to the current encampment, and enter it. There they find angry Telmori, interrupted in the midst of a funeral ceremony.

-Give them gifts.
-Grovel like a junior wolf acknowledging the supremacy of the pack leader.
-Growl like a wolf challenging the pack leader.
-Run away.
-Speak calmly and reasonably.

Even wolf-men are more receptive after they are offered gifts; the more generous we are, the greater chance of success we have.