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Part 414: Telmori War 4

Only person who gave a number said 60, so 60 it is. Please ignore the technicolor dialog box.

We get to do something after that, so clearly we must...act like wolves!

That actually worked? Dammit, these attempts at joke options weren't meant to teach me that it's actually hard to fuck up the endgame. Also, eww at the first part.

This works too, although it's nowhere near as cool as sudden peace treaty combat.

And it turns out that the goon option does the same damn thing, down to having the exact same flavor text.

The Telmori lead Ashart to a bier on which their slain chieftain, Vraling Creekleaper, lies dead. "If you can bring him back to life," they say, "we will make this peace with you. If you fail, we will kill you, as we have promised."

-Convince them that you can lift their curse.
-Magically create a new chieftain.
-Magically revive Vraling.
-Magically turn one of your own warriors into a Telmori chieftain.
-Run away.

They have forgotten their true problem. What they need is a home, and an end to their cursed wandering.