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Part 415: Telmori Peace

At this point, just assume that I'm going to show off all the "wrong" answers(and promptly be surprised that they're not wrong) for all the endgame shit.

This ate up 4 magic. Wolves don't come cheap.

This also ate up 4 magic.

Also four magic, and this one made the music break out into We Did It in the second half, which automatically makes it better than the other option that created a Four-Wolf.

Running like a sissy coward is pointless and gains you nothing.

And the goon-chosen option cost 4 magic, but for no apparent reason. At least the other ones involved magic tricks!

We finally get to the start of Sea season, and my repeated Tarsh explorations finally pay off by giving us the most important thing in the world: treasure. One that seems very, very appropriate for the upcoming peace talks, to boot!

Here's a shining example of why you should always overestimate how much pasture you need. Your Animals nobles will give you serious underestimates! (I haven't changed the pasture amount for the screenshot, but I upped it to 260 afterwards. You'll note that I also adjusted the crop ratios for the bad harvest, even though it's kind of unnecessary with that much food in storage.)

Next on the agenda: MORE CRAFTERS. Flinging goods at people figures very heavily into the endgame.

Another spirit! But we already have a captured spirit from the last time this event happened, and the one we have is already pretty useless. I sacrifice 10 goods to it instead, because Tarkala mentioned a gift and I'm a greedy fucker. Loricon says that the spirit is safe, too, so there's no harm in it!

This only cost us one magic, but more importantly, it cost me my trust in Loricon. And there are some things our giant pile of goods can't buy back.

As arranged previously, a delegation of Telmori leaders, including their king, Kostajor Many-Whelps, has come to your clan hall to negotiate peace. What is the main thing you offer them?

-A promise to stop attacking them.
-A treasure.
-A chance to build a town.

If we succeed, we will win the esteem of all of Dragon Pass. (Penterest is keen on giving them cows or land)
The Telmori were cursed by the chaos god, Gbaji.
They started the war, and they are winning it. It would be foolish to promise them nothing more than an end to the fighting.
Give them twenty cows.
Offer them forty cows every year.
A single treasure is not enough to end a war.
The Telmori are not interested in becoming civilized.