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Part 417: Iron Chef Dragon Pass

Thanatz posted:

I don't think we have anyone with a high enough leadership to survive the last phase of cowLARP.
The best way to safely do cowLARP would involve doing quests that aren't cowLARP so that Oranda gains the skills to handle the parts she can't just smash her way through. But that would involve long-term planning, so goons'll probably never vote to do that.

A horse is worth four cows, so I give them 20 cows of silver to even the score & a little extra so we look generous. Jesus christ, we actually broke 1000 goods before I tossed them this stuff.

But wait! We still have to make a ruling, and we can't dig for evidence to support either side! On top of that, Loricon's a useless lawspeaker who just waffles about which side is right. Given the lack of reasons to actually pick one side over another, I flip a coin, and it tells me to side with the Squat Oaks.

At least no one can accuse us of being swayed by bribery?

I go bug the dwarfs since we only did that once. Maybe we can regain their scheduling favor.

And then I explore our tula, because there's still stuff hidden there, dammit! Note that althought we lost a chunk of land to the Telmori, they don't count as an entity we can trade or do diplomacy with.


The Wildcats have challenged all the clans of our tribe to a cooking contest. They claim that they make the best food in all of Dragon Pass, and wish to prove it.

-Offer to judge food cooked by others.
-Treat the event as a festival for your peoples' enjoyment.
-Try to win the contest.
-Use magic to help win the contest.

Although it seems merely jolly, this event could help improve relations with other clans.
What could be holier to Ernalda than the nourishment of the people? It would be an insult to her not to use magic.
The carls should be urged to celebrate.
"Full bellies make long friends." (That means "judge the contest or make a party out of it.")
Our magic is strong; we can rely on Ernalda's blessing in the preparation of this feast.
I volunteer for an eating contest!
The use of our clan magic for a mere cooking contest is frivolous and wasteful.