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Part 418: Townstrife

Vil posted:

Although this does make me curious if you plan to run through another round of KoDP, LP something else, or gasp take a break once this one ends.
I've been toying with the terrible/great idea of doing another round of KODP, but with the save passing from goon to goon every year(or maybe two - years can go by pretty fast, and as we've seen, KODP can go on for over 40 years!). Instead of people voting on everything, they'd just vote on the clan history, and then each player would run each year as they wish. It'd be like this LP, but with even more opportunities for Fun when the person playing the turn has to deal with the aftermath of the guy before them murdering an emissary/propitiating Malia/getting the tribe-making year and putting all of the whiniest clans into the tribe. It's perfectly doable, since KODP save files are tiny and easy to transfer. The only real downside is that someone might do something to seriously ruin the LP(not bad but managable(and potentially funny or dramatic) stuff like I listed earlier - I mean things like giving away/sacrificing all the cows or egging on an elder race to kick our asses after getting an apocalypse warning from them), but it'd be easy enough to roll back to the last save if someone tries to pull shit like that.

Oddly, this did not use up our magic.

The peace of your new town is threatened by squabbling between the kings of the Malani and Kheldon tribes. Many migrants have come from Heortland to work as artisans and traders in Harvard, claiming allegiance not to any clan, but to the town itself. Since the new people belong to no tribe, the kings each claim the right to demand gifts from them.

-Abandon the town to the greedy kings.
-"Share gifts equally between the Malani and Kheldon tribes."
-"Share gifts equally between the three founding tribes."
-"If we quarrel, a great destiny will pass us by."
-"We have no right to demand gifts from the townsfolk."
-"We must create a town ring to settle such disputes."

If we make new and proper laws, people all around Dragon Pass will respect our leadership. (That means "make a town ring or say we have no right to gift demands")
If the founding tribes quarrel, a great destiny will pass us by.
If we claim a great destiny, but fail to convince them, people all roung Dragon Pass will laugh at us.
A young town is like an expectant mother; it must be left in peace. (That means "We have no right to demand...")
If everyone demands gifts from the townsfolk, they will stop coming here. Then everyone will lose out.
When Tragic King Errath was felled, the Boar of Pestilence strode the streets of Errat Town, and drove the people from the city.
The disputes will continue so long as there is no proper authority to govern the town.