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Part 420: Thrall Trader

12 goods, plus extra dwarf respect. We also see that the dwarfs are eco-friendly with their heretics.

Dark season arrives, and I have jack shit to do other than feast.

Despite making peace with the werewolves & giving them territory, they're still our greatest threat. Either that or Lhankor Mhy is just phoning these in.

A woman from the Taraling clan comes to sell us some thralls. The thralls have glassy-eyed expressions, seem underfed, and say nothing. She wants six cows for each thrall, and has five of them to sell.

-"Maybe some other time."
-Take some or all of them at the price she asks.
-Try to bargain her price down.
-"We are opposed to the taking of thralls."
-"We would take them, if they looked healthier."

The Taralings are not our friends.
She is a shaman of some kind.
Those thralls don't look very healthy. Putting them to work in the fields would kill them.
The Taralings are famous for getting to Dragon Pass first, and for being crazy.
I heard that a Taraling trader went berserk when asked to decrease her prices; she cursed her trading partners with bad magic.
I think they have rickets.
Our ancestors took thralls, and so should we.