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Part 421: Horse-Wall 1

AfroSquirrel posted:

Is that a shrimp on her shoulder? Is she a pirate? More specifically, is she Tim Curry?
Sorry, but it was a crayfish. Try again next time. Many will enter, few will win.

Horse-Spawn come to Harvard and surround its walls. They haven't attacked the town yet, but from their postures, it is clear they might do so at any time.

-Abandon the town to the Horse-Spawn.
-Attack the Horse-Spawn.
-Offer marriage between Penterest and the Feathered Horse Queen.
-Offer them tribute if they leave the town unmolested.
-Tell them that the town is part of a great destiny.
-Tell them they will be destroyed if they attack.

Saraska was a fool who tried to make a kingdom by threatening war. We have found another way.
These Horse-Spawn seem to speak our language much better than they used to. Either they learn quickly, or we are dealing with higher-ranking folk than we ever have before.
Although the Horse-Spawn are among our most fearsome foes, I may be able to bluff them into withdrawing.
The town is part of a great destiny.
We cannot let the town be destroyed; it is too important to trade!
Better to die than to pay a wretched foe.
Making peace with our long-standing enemies would seal our place in the sagas.