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Part 423: The Feathered Horse Queen

We Get Another Murdersword, Penterest Guards the Stead, and Loricon Finds the truth are in a three-way tie for this year's heroquest. Hopefully we can decide on one by Dark season.

It's time for Penterest to lead a delegation to meet with the Feathered Horse Queen, where he will pursue his offer of marriage with the Horse-Spawn monarch. The entire ring goes with him to witness these delegations, and, if need be, to defend their king. What is the first thing Penterest does upon meeting the Feathered Horse Queen?

-Break off negotiations.
-Offer her gifts.
-Promise to stop calling her people "Horse-Spawn."
-Propose marriage.
-Remind her of the good things you have done for her people.

She will not necessarily agree to this match - first, I must prove my goodwill, my sincerity, and my worth.
This marriage will be the talk of all Dragon Pass!
We must do everything we can to curry favor before proposing marriage. It is always good to start with gifts.
This marriage will be unprecedented. But the prophets have been hinting at it. And Orlanth didn't change the world by doing what everyone had done before him.
Before you do anything else, offer her gifts, as much as we can afford. Anything less than twenty cows will seem less than a trifle to her.
I don't have an opinion on this.
Before you do anything else, promise not to call them "Horse-Spawn" anymore.

I'd like to take a moment to note the difference between the King and Queen versions of this event's art. The art for the Luminous Stallion King has less background detail, grey skies, & the king coming in from the right, while the art for the Feathered Horse Queen is the opposite of that. A neat touch. The actual event text is the same, just with pronoun genders switched around and "Feathered Horse Queen" in place of "Luminous Stallion King."