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Part 424: Rivals

djw175 posted:

Will our king go down in the records as Bland King Penterest?
"In the chaos-torn tula of the Bad Luck Clan, only Bland King Penterest was stable enough to drag them into legend. Few things are remembered about him, except for that he was the pillar of sanity in an insane group of people."

"Bland King Penterest once was approached by a group of Chalana Arroy Priestesses. He paid them to heal his entire clan, and the story ends there." "Bland King Penterest once solved a border dispute by having his lawspeaker go over the property documents to determine where the boundary stones were supposed to go." "We should follow in the footsteps of Bland King Penterest, and resolve this matter by giving them 5 cows. It will not be dramatic, but it will make the problem go away."

Pick whichever version you find funnier.

There's only one wrong option here for once, so you know the game's getting serious. And there's no extra dialog for it. No "you did all this just to back off at the last minute?". No nothing. So let's negotiate!

You can normally go an entire game up until now without hearing what the Horse-Spawn call themselves, but we happened to have a bunch of events spoil that ahead of time.

I feel mildly insulted.

I have no idea what the good things we did for them were, but the Queen thinks they happened, so that's good enough for me.

Oh shit, they dropped the game title on us! That means the options are really:
-Win the game.
-Lose the game.

I expect a full chorus of goon whining since I've autonomously decided to let us win the game.

As the delegation leaves the Grazer encampment, Penterest meets the other contestants for the hand of the Feathered Horse Queen. One is Ovartien Twinson, king of the northern Orlanthi kingdom of Tarsh. The other is Enastakos, king of the local Culbrea tribe.

-Assure them of a fair contest.
-Attack them.
-Give them gifts.
-Ignore them; go straight to Ferena Brooslayer's temple.
-Offer them gifts to resign from the contest.
-Taunt them.

Aha! Now I see who would also be King of Dragon Pass! (Penterest wants to give them gifts.)
Do not annoy them, for we might want to arrange good marriages once Penterest is King of Dragon Pass.
It would be folly to attack them, but a well-phrased taunt or two would bring cheer to our warriors' hearts.
I'll go along with the ring's decision.
The Tarshites respect us; we should speak reassuring words to their king.
It would be folly to give gifts to our bitter rivals!
Dealing with rivals is fraught with opportunities for insult. It is best to ignore them, and let the king continue on his quest.

Luminous Stallion King Comparisons Shamelessly Stolen From the Last LP:
-The Stallion King insults your massive gifts by giving you a silver mirror and a bracelet woven of horse hair, as opposed to the Queen's insult of a sword and a bracelet woven of horse hair.
-The other candidates are women(still no gay royal marriage in the pass), but their art is a bit cooler since it features the sun and the chaotic Red Moon. They also lack anyone as breathtaking as Sir Smuggo up there.
-Your competition is still from Tarsh and a local tribe, making this the only time a Queen of Tarsh is brought up in-game.
-There's a slight wording difference of "the hand of the feathered horse queen" vs "the right to marry the luminous stallion king."