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Part 426: Kites

We've decided to go with the "yo, we're Maran Gor's buddies" option, so let's see the other choices. Giving up has no message, because why would you do that?

This doesn't cause a cascade of "you committed human sacrifice!" whining from the clan's Chalana Arroyians(and it doesn't make Loricon resign either), so I guess it doesn't count as that.

Giving her regular gifts is bland, which suits Penterest. Giving her a treasure nets you more or less the same message.

And I'm going to combine the last option with a comparison of the queen's side of this chain. Queens get reborn as the daughter of the mountain, but Penterest is going to have to mate with it somehow. Now for our real choice!

It's good to be friendly with the goddess of natural disasters, eh?

I finally get to do something other than this event chain, so naturally the first thing I do is go to make a proper portrait for old Oranda. While on the nobles screen, I spy this guy!

At long last, a new Lhankor Mhy worshipper! Too bad he's just a tiny bit too late for us to bother buffing him up into the new lawspeaker so that Loricon can be interesting again. (Although he'd likely become the new lawspeaker if I plopped him on the ring now, since Lhankor Mhy devotees get heavy preference for that position. But Loricon, Vandarl(!), and Ashart are all better than custom at him, so why bother?)

Onward to more treasure!

The shepherds of your clan are invited to participate in a fighting kite festival. They stamp the borders between the clan in a way that expresses Orlanth's battling, stormy nature through friendly competition. The festival takes place over several days. The competitors use sharp edges on their kites to try to cut the strings of the other kiters. The clan that wins the most matches is thought to have the favor of Orlanth.

-Concentrate on winning the contest.
-Give gifts to the other clans.
-Throw an elaborate feast for the other clans.

This is a good chance to improve our relations with our neighbors, with little risk of insulting them.
When Orlanth tamed his unruly brothers, he did not fight with peaceful Kolat. Instead, their brightly-colored kites fought. (This mythology lesson is also a recommendation to give gifts to the other clans.)
Good relations mean good trading.
Who cares about fighting kites?
This tradition shows that we respect each other's borders, and can pay tribute to Orlanth's comeptitive nature without shedding blood. (This custom lesson is also a recommendation to throw a feast.)