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Part 427: Troll Traders

Smart Car posted:

Give him permission, kind of weird he's asking considering one of the deals we made when forming the tribe is that the hunters of the Wildcat tribe were allowed to hunt on all clan's tulas.
He's obviously just a very polite and respectful hunter who wanted to run this by us first because it's a magical white stag, and thus more important than normal prey. Or something.

Everyone wins! No hard feelings!

I'm honestly getting kind of bored of raiding, so I spend the second half of Fire on another attempt to buy murdersword back.

I send this guy off to the most southeastern corner of the pass, because why not.

That's not a murdersword. In fact, that's a useless treasure we traded to them at some point for a slightly less useless treasure.

But we are overflowing with wealth, so I spend 60 goods on it. Don't worry, the endgame still has plenty of places to use useless treasures. If we're really lucky, I can trade it for murdersword and get it back for a price lower than the one they rejected last time.

Oh, and remember whoever led us on a wild goose chase for trader trolls a while back? Turns out that's a regular event. Not one triggered by exploring. Thanks a lot, forgotten person.

Urasandra, a trader of our clan, heard rumors of a bizarre caravan approaching from the north. She went to see it for herself, and now reports that the rumors are true. It is a troll caravan transporting goods south to the Shadow Plateau, in the Holy Country. The trolls use giant insects as beasts of burden; they are slow-moving and only travel at night.

-Approach the trolls and see if they want to trade.
-Assemble other clans for a joint raid.
-Do nothing.
-Offer gifts to the trolls.
-Raid the caravan.

If we ask other clans to join in with us, we are likely to get nothing but insults.
Will troll-booty make up for lost crops? I think not!
If we bring in other clans, we are more likely to succeed, but we will get a smaller share of the loot.
It is always good to trade.
We have treated the trolls with respect. They should be willing to trade with us.
It is too risky. Do nothing.
Trolls are inhuman, but if we wish to please them, they will probably accept gifts.