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Part 428: Praxians

Oh god, we have so much of everything, how do I pick?!

I pick by going "well, food isn't useful in many events, so might as well trade a ton of that", that's how.

By "small profit" the game means "we got nearly 300 goods out of this."

I'm going to get that murdersword back, dammit!

Dark season arrives, and I bump up the amount of farmland since we have excess farmers for a change. Our food stockpile isn't as disgustingly large as it ought to be.

Now it's heroquest time, and we'll be finding the truth with...wait, not you! Go away, you're too late to become our new lawyer.

Ahem. Anyway, we'll be finding the truth with Loricon, and people really wanted us to do the "wisen everyone so little that you can barely tell" option for some reason. I personally really want to see what the hell the "fight darkness" option even does, but I must submit to the will of the people.

Horray for giving a tiny boost to everyone! It's so small that I can't see a difference on any of our ringmembers. Good job, team.

Lesarli, a trader of your clan, reports back on the recent exploratory mission to the wastelands of Prax. There the party met a group of nomads who rode fabulous birds, and claimed to be doughty warriors. They offered to help us raid another clan in Dragon Pass, in exchange for twenty cows worth of silver and a quarter of the spoils.

-Accept their offer; delay raid until later.
-Accept their offer; stage an immediate raid.
-Forget their offer.
-Send a party to raid them.
-Send them gifts.

We should raid the Woodpeckers; they are already our enemies. (Bland King Penterest wants this raid to happen right now. I'm surprised he didn't go blander and suggest a raid against a clan we're feuding with, but maybe he mixed up the clans named after birds.)
Prax is populated by warring nomad tribes, each which rides a different kind of animal.
Let's raid the Blue Jays; they are the weakest clan.
We should raid the Six Brothers clan; they have the most cows.
We should not raid the nomads, for they have little in the way of treasure. They do not keep cows, but rather herd their gigantic birds.
It is customary to give generously to foreigners who offer to raid your enemies. (Fun fact: With Loricon injuried, that technically makes Vandarl our temporary lawspeaker. Clearly he is speaking from long studies of tradition here.)
(is injured from heroquesting)