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Part 429: Dragon

What is "overkill"? (To head off the inevitable "holy shit why did you only send 19 weaponthanes?!": We only have 20 weaponthanes available at present, you dolt.)

And those numbers are with us trying to enthrall their sleazy asses, not kill them!

At long last, we can get murdersword back.

Good thing the AI isn't programmed to go "wait, didn't we just sell you that?".

Koreng gets to go right back out to forge a new trade route. Our piles of goods must tower over the pass! (but not over Kero Fin; that would just be rude to Orlanth's mom)

Word reaches you that a dragon has repeatedly visited the tula of clan Rakstanti of the Colymar tribe, and laid waste to their steads with its fiery breath. When Penterest hears the news, he jumps from his throne, exclaiming that this was the first test, which the Maran Gor crone priestess had foretold.

-Engage the dragon in a riddling contest.
-Stay at home.
-Tell the dragon that Penterest is a dragon-friend.
-Tell the dragon that a new time has come.
-Tell the dragon that your people have always been dragon-friends.

Also tell me how many warriors to send with Penterest, since that's an option tied to any of the choices that aren't staying at home. Note that not sending any warriors is an option.

I must hasten to the tula of the Rakstanti and meet my fate. (He's in favor of options one and four.)
It is good that this is a small dragon. Some dragons are the size of mountains.
I'm not sure any number of warriors is enough to tame a dragon.
The Orlanthi who were friends to dragons were mostly eaten when the Empire of Wyrm's Friends was destroyed.
Send no warriors; the dragon will interpret this as a peaceful gesture.
A riddling contest - what fun!
Our people have always been dragon-friends.