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Part 430: Bad Hosts

We've always been dragonbros, but as is tradition, we shall see what the other options result in(along with seeing what sending a bunch of warriors does).

This is what the last LP did, and it's kind of cool! I tried it again while sending maximum warriors along, and surprisingly it didn't change at all. (other than the "alone" part)

Finally, one of these options makes the game go "you know you just gave up on winning, right?"

Penterest being a dragonbro, our clan being dragonbros, & going "a new time has come" just results in the dragon doing what it did with the riddles, only without talking at all.

Yes, all three of those result in the exact same thing happening with the exact same wording. I'm assuming "our clan has always been dragonfriends" plays out differently if you weren't, but I don't exactly have an opportunity to test that!

Orendal, one of your weaponthanes, complains that he was insulted when invited to dine among the Kardarvi. He was fed disgusting, rotten food, while his hosts dined well. He asked for a towel to wipe his hands, and was given one which was dirty and full of holes. "They meant to slight us," Orendal says, "and I say that we should punish them for their gross insolence!" Some of the other weaponthanes murmur their support for Orendal's words.

-Compose a poem satirizing the Kardarvi.
-Convince Orendal to forget this slight.
-Do nothing.
-Raid the Kardardvi.
-Send a delegation to protest the Kardarvi's poor hospitality.

Relations between our clans have been good. This must be some kind of misunderstanding.
Tell them we have many clever brides, but they will not marry bad hosts.
Raid them!
They can't have meant to insult him.
Orendal holds this insult close to his bosom. It will be hard, but not impossible, to convince him to give it up.
A poem, a poem! A scurrilous poem!
A well-phrased satire stings longer than a sword; its bite can linger for generations.