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Part 431: Trade

tonberrytoby posted:

Tell them we have many clever brides, but they will not marry bad hosts.

I presume he is recommending poetry.
Nope, our Barntarite of increasingly questionable sexuality is recommending a delegation to protest the Kardarvi's lack of hospitality. Not that it matters, since poetry won by a landslide.

My favorite part of this?

After this event, the game specifically mentions "Dirty Rag Clan" in the clan's description for the rest of the game.

Also, it seems that our ring's poet is the Bland King. Are good poets even allowed to be bland?

Oh well. More treasure!

More wealth!

The Woodpeckers thought they could get away with a cattle raid, but they were very wrong. Look at those numbers!

They were bright enough to run the fuck away before we could do anything.

We're already the King of Horse Pass, but everything else is pretty much non-notable.

Looks like an exploration year! Since that and heroquesting are pretty much the only yearly things people are voting for anymore, I'll save you some trouble and list some popular exploration destinations:
-Snakepipe Hollow (Chaos!)
-Upland Marsh (zombies!)
-Kero Fin
-Dragonewt Wildlands
-Beastman Valley
-Stinking Forest (elves/tusk riders?)
-Boatmurdered/Gemclod/THE DWARVES
-Random bits of the map we haven't properly revealed yet
-The Horse-Spawn Grazer lands to the far west