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King of Dragon Pass

by Haifisch

Part 432: Brass Man

Goals for this year:
-Eat a salad.
-Going to all our fat weaponthanes(Orendal first) and commanding them to please workout.
-Something about exploring?

Enriched uranium is not a valid method for shedding fat. Trade declined. Go lift a weight that's not radioactive, Valensta.

Word reaches you that a man of brass has been seen walking about the narrowest of footpaths in the Quivini Mountains. The mysterious figure must somehow relate to the next stage of the contest.

-Before leaving, conduct a divination.
-Send Penterest alone and empty-handed.
-Send Penterest with a treasure. (specify a treasure, or I'm closing my eyes and picking one at random)
-Send Penterest with gifts.
-Stay at home.

I must go meet this Brass Man, but not without proper preparation.
It's never too late to turn back.
If Penterest is not accompanied by a cortege of mighty warriors, he will not seem like a king at all.
I am wracking my brains for a story about a Brass Man, but can think of nothing. (Translation: "Oh shit, I can't think of a proverb. No, I don't have any other forms of advice. Can someone shoo away these ancestral ghosts who keep bugging me?")
I have heard that there are dwarfs who call themselves Brass Mostali; I bet our quarry is a dwarf. Dwarfs love treasures, and have little use for cattle.
No one will blame us if we quit now.
Our magic is strong, so a divination will be reliable.