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Part 433: Divorce

I did the divination as part of my looking at other options, so I technically cheated and got to see it while not spending the magic.

It's too bad that we didn't pick this option, because it would have been a hilarious end to the LP. After the Bland King gets capped, the game unceremoniously goes into the "pick a new tribal king" event.

Same response as last time. I won't bother showing it again unless it changes in future events.

Sending Penterest with a shitload of goods and a full guard nets this response.

The shittiest treasure we had(the head) was enough to pass(even with a single footman - apparently the dwarf only shoots if you literally have no one with you), but we voted for murdersword, so I'm giving the Brass Man that.

There is apparently an alternate loss event here if you've pissed off the dwarves too much, but we haven't and I don't feel like savescumming far back enough to piss them off and get back to this point.

Who the fuck is this guy and how did he get to be better at magic than Loricon? (I don't feel like rearranging the ring at this point, because )

The first stop on this year's exploration tour is Kero Fin.

I also explore our own tula since some people still have hope I'll find something there.

We didn't, of course.

Divorces are not uncommon in Orlanthi society. What is uncommon is the screaming rancor that marks the divorce of Aslandar and Dorasa. Dorasa, who is kin to several ring members of the Karandoli clan, insists that Aslandar return her dowry - the exact ten cows she brought with her. Since they were married a decade ago, and those specific cows have long since departed for the land of the dead, her insistance is less than reasonable.

-Argue that she is misusing the law.
-Ask the Karandoli to help calm her down.
-Chide her for making preposterous demands.
-Help him pay her twice the original dowry.
-Keep the ring out of this mess.

She would listen best to her kin in the Karandoli, but if we approach them in the wrong way, we could start a feud.
She has humiliated him daily for ten years. Let us now humiliate her.
Twice the dowry is too small a price to pay for ten years of loutish behavior. (did I mention I love having these two right next to each other? )
It's normal to get your dowry back when a marriage ends. But one cow is more or less the same as any other for this purpose. (She wants to chide Dorasa for her insane demands)
She doesn't really want the cows. She wants to punish Aslandar for disappointing her. (He wants to go "you're abusing the law!" on her)
I have no idea how to solve this problem.
I believe I can out-argue her.