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Part 434: Mating with the Mountain

A resolution that Penterest would be proud of.

Now that Penterest has tamed the dragon and won the brass man's favor, it is time for him to mate with the mountain. Your god-talkers say that the mountain must be Kero Fin, mother of Orlanth and guardian of Dragon Pass. What does Penterest do in preparation for this mystical mating?

-End your attempt to become King of Dragon Pass.
-Give gifts to the tribe's carls.
-Give your magic to Kero Fin.
-Go into seclusion for three days and three nights.
-Order a divination.
-Sacrifice to Kero Fin.
-Take no special preparations.

I can only pray the goddess finds me worthy.
This could be risky.
Why should you gift the carls? It is force of arms that makes a king! (She thinks Penterest should go into seclusion)
Without husbands, there can be no mothers.
Our magic is strong; we should first use it for divination, and then probably give the rest to Kero Fin.
Kero Fin is the goddess of Dragon Pass, and also mother to Orlanth and Yinkin.
We must learn how to please Kero Fin.

The queen version of this has enough attention to detail to redraw the silouette to be more obvious female. It's also reworded since queens get reborn as daughter of the mountain instead of fucking the mountain.

And yes, the only ringmembers who are actually recommending any options are Ashart, Oranda, and Loricon.