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Part 435: Bland King Rising

djw175 posted:

Didn't we all agree that they were together behind everyone's backs?
We did, but then Kentvent started commenting on another clan's fine bachelors and things suddenly seemed less certain.

Looks like we should have kept the carls a bit happier! Also, yes, the mating is literally "fuck a hole in the ground. Or in a rock. Look, just fuck something on the mountain, okay?" The rest of the choices will just follow the divination to move things along.

Good thing we have towers of silver to give to our farmers.

I take five with him because it's a suitably bland number.

Ooo, a bunch of incorrect choices to show off! Here's the queen's version for comparison - queens can do a mating ritual too, although it's not what they're supposed to do.

Completely ignoring what you're supposed to do works perfectly fine. The mating ritual gives an extra point of magic over the other options(4 as opposed to 3), though.

And literally fucking the mountain gives the best result, with the clan getting 5 points of magic. There is an incentive to get this right, but the game's not a dick if you don't know what to do.

Penterest has passed the tests, and now returns to the land of the people you once called "Horse-Spawn" and now trying hard to remember as "Grazers". There he plans to tell the Feathered Horse Queen that he has passed the earth tests. What does he say to her?

-"I am now the King of Dragon Pass."
-"I have passed the tests you set for me, and more."
-"I have passed the tests you set for me."
-"I have tamed the dragon, won the favor of the Brass Man, and was reborn with in the earth."
-"Woman, you are mine, and soon I will ride you."

I will be ready when the wedding day arrives.
Oh, what a glorious day!
I have nothing to add.
I'm not sure about this. (I swear to god I'm not making this ring advice up.)
Don't offend her! (Ashart wants us to say "We passed the tests. That's all. ")
There's some mistake we made, something that will invalidate our claim.
She must know that we are bold enough to put down the elves whenever they rise up. (Loricon wants Penterest to go "I'm gonna ride you. ")