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Part 436: End

Jumping the gun isn't as funny as it ought to be.

The Feathered Horse Queen is kind of stiff, isn't she? Maybe she's just grumpy that Penterest turned old right before passing the tests to marry her.

This was clearly the best option. I can just see the horse queen rolling her eyes at this.

But Penterest is the Bland King, so this is what will be recorded in the sagas.

This would be great if we actually had time to explore a lot more before the game ended.

We only have a season of gameplay left, so we might as well go on one final tour of stomping our enemies.

Why the fuck are you fuckers crossing the Jenestni tula to get there? Part of our tula is like 10 feet away from the Vostangi! The Jenestni are way the fuck north of either of us! It's too early to be chugging the eight known drinks like this! (Paying them 15 goods gets us by without incident)

"Hey guys, guess who's the King of Dragon Pass and is also going to cave your skulls in?"

Adequate crushings were had. We have 146 horses after this. That's double what a normal clan would ever need.

I decide to satisfy people's remaining bloodlust for the Brown Boars, and also finally use that stupid skull for something. We don't really need magic anymore, so I go for extreme overkill.

11 more horses? Really, guys?

The Blue Jays helpfully come raid us so we can complete our slaughter of clans we don't like.

Oranda: Still a boss.

At least nobody will doubt the military might of the Bland King.

Loricon. We're two inches away from finishing the game and the land clearing shit won't matter in that time, so I go for the most appropriate option.

Well, I was going to sacrifice it to our patron god, Eurmal, but our bad luck kicked in one last time.

That event dropped us to -2 magic for whatever reason, but fuck it. Let's feast!

Penterest is now ready for the marriage that will make him King of Dragon Pass. The Inhuman King, Lord High Dragonewt, has come to officiate at the wedding, and gives his blessings to Penterest. "You have taken pieces of old things, and made them into new and powerful things. You made things better by turning them into their opposites. You stopped a war by turning it into stones and mortar. You made peace by conjuring a wolf. You found ancient secrets of the earth, and now use them to make another new things, joining together the people of cows and storm with the people of horses and sun." The Inhuman King could say more, but does not. Although not even Penterest knows it yet, the Inhuman King knows what is to come. This is the first day of a great new kingdom, a kingdom that will one day take Penterest's name. If, in the years ahead, Penterest is true to his wisdom and magical insight, he will one day become like a god, and sit at Orlanth's side. The kingdom he leaves behind will grow and strengthen, and the exploits of its future kings and princes will become legend. They will one day enter a desperate struggle with a great empire, and its last king will forever change the face of the world. All of this will be possible because of the courage and forethought of the Stormrider clan, of the Eurmali tribe, who came to Dragon Pass when it was wild, and remade it in their own image.

This track isn't in the official soundtrack, so be sure to grab it even if you already got everything else from the official soundtrack posting!

I'm not entirely sure how it happened, but our ragtag band of idiots ascended to royalty.

The game's over, but I still have some bonus content to whip up. Specifically, the "you waited too long" loss, along with any particularly weird or funny events I see on the way there. (Hopefully including a particular one I deeply regret not seeing during the main part of this LP)