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Part 437: Extra Events

Presenting Kentvent's greatest hits:

Men are scared of the strangest things.

This was an event I've never seen before, where some dude is prophesied to die the day he sees a horse skull, and coincidentally some trader lady showed him a horse skull she had for sale.

It did not end well for him.

The duck was looking at me funny the whole time. I'm sure of it. You all noticed it, didn't you?
This monster hates all living things. We must oppose him, for all our sakes.

Unrelated, but yes, sacrificing to Malia actually does have consequences:

I have yet to see the results of ceasing the propitiation. But I still have way too fucking many years to wait until I get the "too slow, you lose" ending, so I'll probably see them at some point.

I also got Loricon to lead a group of people to beat up the guy badmouthing Whatsherface the Trader. I think he's going to be very surprised when he kicks the bucket & meets Chalana Arroy on his way to the halls of the dead and hears what his cult was supposed to be about.

Goddamn I forgot how long this game is when you're purposely spinning your wheels. At least I don't have hold a several hour vote for each event anymore.