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Part 44: Exploring the Tula

Exploring our tula and building a watch tower are almost tied, with exploring winning by just one vote. We'll be exploring our tula for now, but to move things on a bit I'll be building the watchtower afterwards since almost as many people wanted it.

When we send out an explorer, we can choose from any of our clan nobles(including ones on the ring). I go with Gordangar since he has decent combat skill, so he'll be able to fight against any aggressive things he finds. Since we're staying on our own tula, the exploration completes more or less instantly. Explorations elsewhere would take varying amounts of time depending on distance and travel speed. Going faster gets things done faster, but going slowly reveals more of the map. Explorers get a small guard to go with them; I keep it moderately sized since there's (hopefully) nothing that dangerous on our tula.

Your explorers find an old series of sacred stones in a forest clearing while exploring your tula. Your magicians say that the stones are probably inhabited by sleeping spirits.

-Brag to other clans about this find
-Conduct a divination
-Dig up the stones
-Find shamans to awaken the spirits of the stones
-Shrug and go about your business

The first of many events we'll have to deal with. Some choices will allow us to still make other choices after them(this usually applies to conducting divinations), but most won't. Our ring has advice for us on these matters, although how good their advice is depends on their skill levels, god of worship, and own personal biases.

This area was last inhabited by other dragonfriends. Spirits in the stones might be friendly.

Almost anything that is holy has its own spirit. Not all spirits are friendly.

The shamans will want a gift of ten cows to awaken the stone spirits.

The spirits will be unfriendly towards us. Best to let them slumber.

The advice of the rest of the ring members is similar to what other ringmembers have already said, so I'll cut the rest out for redundancy's sake. But with the given advice in mind, it's time to vote for what to do with these stones!