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by Haifisch

Part 441: LP Split

Sejs Cube posted:

I don't know ... we could still just burn this clan to the ground and start over.

I'm just sayin'.

Play it off as a clan split. It's doable.

((I couldn't resist.))

Your Goons come together to warn the KoDP Ring that your LP cannot support its population. "There are too many Goons now. We can't produce enough fun for everyone. We could trade for more fun, but would soon be in the same fix again. People will be complain if we don't do something." Some of them suggest that about a quarter of the LP should split off, and go off to seek a new thread of their own. Others say you should seize an LP from a neighbor.

-Seek volunteers to split off.
-Choose the worst posters to split off.
-Choose the best equipped LPers to split off.
-Delay action by trading for more fun.
-Seize a thread from a neighbor.
-We should raid the Dwarf Fortress LP.

Forums split up every few years. We split from our parent, the Games Forum.

If we seek volunteers, our reputation for leadership will be undimmed.

The best equipped to make another Let's Play are the good posters. If we sent them, we will lose about a fifth of our Gold votes immediately.

The worst posters are also the dullest, and will cost us very little to send away.

Raiding other Let's Plays is very risky.

Our neighbors will band together to stop us if we seize a Let's Play from one of them.