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Part 442: Postingthane Dispute

FredMSloniker posted:

Okay, at this point my vote is lock the thread until we have an actual update. And maybe for a bit after that.

Just something based upon an old KoDP Post...

A dispute has arisen among postingthanes after the event on refugees arriving on the Tula. The disputing factions are roughly divided between the war-dinos and the thrall takers. The thrall takers accuse the war-dinos of threatening our magic ties to the ancestors, and demand they stop with the runes, to make things square.

-Give the thrall takers control of the thread.
-Punish complainers by giving the war-dinos control of the thread.
-Let them work it out themselves.
-Order that the thread be shared equally.
-Punish both sides; lock the thread.

This is a trifling matter. If we involve the mods, we will probably make it worse.

Shared Fun is sweeter than Bans.

Back in the Storm Age, King slowbeef placed a shattered thread under our protection. That thread was called the "King of Dragon Pass: Epic fantasy means fantasy about cows".

FredMSloniker had a Pokemon Dungeon LP, and he played it until it filled with problems and it transformed into a terrible enemy.