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Part 443: Arenjee's Curse

Samuel posted:

How the hell did we lose to the Vostangi of all people, when they had no casualties?!

Dread Arenjee, probably. Which reminds me...

A strange malady grips several of your King of Dragon Pass games. Each is suddenly stricken with a fit of bad rolls, causing easy actions to be botched and simple raids to fail. The fits arrive with no warning, and last anywhere from several rolls to a few sessions. Some of the Goon Ring think they are brought on by lack of stupid shinies; the malady strikes most often on "By Eurmal's Balls! Let's Play King of Dragon Pass!".

-Conduct a divination.
-Propitiate Dread Arenjee to avert her dreaded gaze.
-Sacrifice to Saevi Skeum to cure our bad rolls.
-Send for the mods.
-Sacrifice your trickster to the Dwarf Fortress LP to divert the bad rolls.
-Wait for the bad luck to pass.

Dread Arenjee is a chaos goddess. It would be a grave offense to propitiate her.

Mods are sometimes difficult to find, but are cheaper than Saevi Skeum, who is the busiest KODP goddess.

We must find out who did this to us, so we can raid them!

I'll send those spirits packing!