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Part 46: Exploring 3

Good/bad news!

Bad news: My computer just crashed, and since the game doesn't let you save in the middle of events, that means the fuckup with the stones/rainbow blessing events didn't happen. I'm pretty pissed, but at least we didn't lose much progress. (I am planning on keeping seasonal saves, if only so that we don't lose too many events if this happens again. And no, I didn't do this on purpose. If the goon ring decides that our clan is going to circle the drain, then we circle the drain!)
Good news: This means the fuckup with the stones didn't happen. Now we can fuck up some other way instead!

So I sent a party out to explore our tula (again), and this is the event we got this time:

While exploring, you find evidence that a great battle was fought on your tula on some long-forgotten day.
-Brag to other clans about this find
-Conduct a divination
-Shrug and go about your business.

I am an accomplished boaster. Let me go to our neighbors, and brag of this find.

If a diviniation provides us with the details of this battle, we should ritually reenact it, to bring us good magic.

Who cares? Let's get that junk out of the field, so we can plant.