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King of Dragon Pass

by Haifisch

Part 48: Skeleton Band 2

Bundalini and his All-Skeleton Band play at your clan market, and the booming sound of the giant's drum attracts the curious from all of Dragon Pass. A festival atmosphere ensues, and people from many clans come to trade, to talk, to swap gossip, and to forget old slights.

-Challenge other clans to contests of skill and strength
-Encourage your people to enjoy the event
-Forge new trade arrangements
-Give gifts to other clans
-Seek advantageous marriages

Don't talk to me unless you're here to tell me I can kill them all.

Isn't Harvar just the best?

This is a good time to seek new trade arrangements.

Winning tests of skill and strength will strengthen our clan magic.

It is a good time to seek advantageous marriages.