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Part 50: Cattle Raiding

Alright, we're going after the Vostangi. We're also just doing a cattle raid since half the people who voted think our warriors are a bunch of pussies.

Korlaman, a small stead-holder, accuses Grivton, his neighbor from the Woodpecker clan, of moving the boundary stones between their pastures. Grivton denies this, and complains that Korlaman is trying to use the clan chief to steal from him.

-Offer Grivton a cow if he drops his claim
-Send an emissary to the Woodpeckers
-Tell Korlaman to drop his claim
-Tell them to solve the dispute by arm-wrestling
-Threaton Grivton if he doesn't drop his claim

It is difficult to say for certain, but something tells me Korlaman's claim is just.

The amount of pasture in question means much to Korlaman and Grivton, but means little to the prosperity of the clan.

As King Heort once said, "sometimes it is better to just give them the cow."

Once there was a boundary dispute between Barntar and Elmal. Eurmal solved the problem by getting them drunk and then moving all the boundary stones in the valley.