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Part 51: Earth Season

That was easy!

And now it is Earth Season. The farmers are busy with the harvest, so only those who want to ruin the harvest would raid now. There were several votes to go do some trading during the rest of the year, and I haven't shown that off yet, so let's do so!

We're going to try to buy a treasure, since we don't particularly need anything right now. Also, something's not quite right with the king and clan leader names names popping up in the Colymar tribe...

(Seriously, first Fedarkos and now Ortossi?)

Jarolor doesn't arrive instantly, and no events happened, so we're also going to explore our tula. Maybe we can piss off stone spirits again!

Your trader, Jarolor, arrives in the Blue Jay tula. Their clan ring consults, and agrees they might be willing to sell Eurmal's shield if the price is right. They summarize its abilities: "A brightly polished shield that helps us in battle, if a Trickster is on the ring."

-Buy Eurmal's Shield (and specify how many cows/goods we want to pay for it)
-Decline the trade

Each treasure is unique, so it's hard to put a value on them. But most are worth at least 50 cows.