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Part 52: Treasure Trading

The votes that didn't want to decline the treasure were all in the neighborhood of offering 40-50 cows' worth of stuff. Goods are less useful to us than actual cows, so I mostly offer those.

We're now the owners of one (currently useless) polished shield. Go us.

Meanwhile, Gordangar's exploration party has found the first of many materials that give a boost to our trade. To use them, we have to specifically assign the crafters to them - this takes up a turn, so it's often better to wait until you've found several materials before assigning crafters to them.

Mordrim the Stout, a prosperous farmer from the Woodpecker clan, and his sons Korlmar and Harnkorl, arrive at your tula. "I understand you have Eurmal's Shield. I am prepared to offer 40 cows worth of goods for it."

-Accept his offer
-Accept if he promises the Woodpeckers will owe us a favor
-Dicker with him
-Give him Eurmal's Shield
-Offer another treasure (the only other treasure we have is Blacktail the Bull, our super-horny bull that raises cattle fertility)
-Refuse to sell

We don't know what he'll do if we refuse his offer.

It's difficult to put a value on a unique treasure. However, 40 is not enough.

(no shit, we just bought the thing for 50!)

We can assure Mordrim's friendship by making him a gift.

I'm not sure we can trust this fellow. He didn't end up "The Stout" by being on the short end of deals.

I wonder if those boys are married, or if they'd be interested in meeting some of our unmarried girls?