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Part 55: Sea Season

The will of the people and the power of averaging numbers has given us our magic allocation for the year.

No tricksters among our nobles yet, but I did see what happened with Godangar.

Some nobles will age gracefully. Others...not so much. These were his former stats, so you can see he got a bonus in Combat. He's still not better than Harvar, though.

There was an overwhelming chorus of "perform Ernalda Feeds The Tribe!" in the goal voting, and now's the best time to do it if we want to improve this year's harvest. Calling on allies or favors is very helpful, because they'll send additional worshippers to improve our chances of success. We always need all the help we can get when heroquesting!

Of course, just because we ask for help doesn't mean we'll get it. So what do we want out of this heroquest? I know most of you probably already had an obvious goal in mind, but just to be fair...

-Bring back a treasure
-Increase crop yields
-Make the cows healthy
-Reconcile the carls
-Strengthen the quester