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Part 61: Ernalda Feeds The Tribe 6

Zoe posted:

Wow, this quest is actually going way better than I expected.
Funny thing about that: Back at the second step of the quest(you know, with the elves), I quit out of KODP because the game doesn't let you mute the music during a heroquest for some godforsaken reason. "It'll be fine, I just have to repeat exactly what we did when I start KODP up again. " Cue me having to try to get us back there four times because Dorasa:
-Was murdered by Daga in phase one, despite me choosing the same option as before
-Failed to even enter the realm of the gods
-Was murdered by Daga again

Yeah, apparently we're doing so well because we're already past the most dangerous part of the quest(for Dorasa, at least). For the rest of it I've just left KODP running and resigned myself to not listening to anything on this computer until I'm done, even though it is kind of hilarious to kill Dorasa over and over trying to get back to where we canonically left off.

Speaking of which, we've realized that the mysterious axe lady here is our daughter. Specifically, she is Babeester Gor, Earth Goddess of Vengance, Violence, and Liquor. The game never specifies her name, but it's obvious that's who it is based on the "daughter of Ernalda wielding an axe" thing.

Dorasa returns to the land of mortals, her quest a successful one. The people rejoiced, looking forward to overflowing bushels now that crop yields would improve.

The trollkin you've taken as thralls prove to be nothing but trouble. They're nasty, they're vicious, and they don't follow orders. Lately they've been sneaking off and worrying the sheep. The carls demand you get rid of these loathsome creatures immediately.

-Drive them off
-Kill them
-Put their heads on pikes along your boundary lines
-Sacrifice them to a god (specify a god)
-Trade them to another clan

The carls will be happy if you drive them off.

The carls will be happy if you kill them.

They are living creatures, they have belonged to us for some time, and they have value. The gods will consider them an acceptable sacrifice now, even if they would not before.