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Part 65: Kinslaying

The peace pact just barely won. We're apparently not that dedicated to Eurmaling ourselves.

And now we have duck friends.

The game finally explains who the horse nomads are, and doesn't make it a secret that we'll be seeing more of them.

Earth season! The harvest begins the moment Earth season does, as you can see that our food stores have already increased drastically despite all the injured farmers. We also got a new weaponthane out of nowhere.

Here's where the Beaker Ducks are in relation to us - they're not actually on our lands, just very close to them.

I also decide to explore our tula some more, since that's a relatively low-risk activity that won't take away our farmers for any real length of time.

More crafting materials! Things are finally looking up for us, aren't th-

Swen, the popular son of a thane, has apparently killed his cousin, Kenstrel, in a drunken quarrel. There couldn't be a worse case of kinslaying, the most terrible thing that can happen in Orlanthi society. Because public law does not extend to a family matter, there is very little the ring can do to make things right. It is a wound that cannot heal. Some say that kinslaying brings Chaos, but others think that is a poetic truth, not a literal one.

-Encourage Swen to leave the clan
-Find powerful holy warriors of Urox to scour your land of Chaos taint
-Forbid all extreme and destructive mourning
-Sacrifice to Urox, foe of Chaos.
-Through ring member's example, encourage extreme mourning behavior.

His act gnaws at our hearth's-heart!

We are undone! Kinslaying spits in the face of all our precedents. Swen slays not only his cousin, but all our hopes!

If we kill him like he deserves, Chaos will be even stronger. So prepare yourselves for the worst.

There is no victory against kinslaying! We must suffer! I myself shall slaughter the lambs I raised by hand. O, Woe!

I don't have an opinion on this.

How does one not have an opinion on the most terrible event in Orlanthi society?

Minlinster's mead-home became Urox's foe-bringer.

The connection between kinslaying and Chaos is not just poetic. We must take steps against Chaos. Our magic is strong, so sacrificing to Urox is the best option.