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Part 66: Dark Season

In retrospect I should have asked how much to sacrifice, but since we all agree that Chaos is Terrifying, I go with a relatively hefty sacrifice(without going so overboard that we gimp ourselves in other ways).

But that wasn't enough. Apparently we should have also broken some chairs or vases or something.

Although the farmers and weaponthanes are both being treated well, all our misfortune has turned the overall clan mood ugly. At least we're not starving next year!

Since Chaos is a thing we have to worry about now, I decide to see if we can get one of Urox's other blessings. Sense Chaos will tell us if Chaos is invading our turf, while Smite Chaos will help us destroy the stuff.

If there aren't any objections, I'm going to change our Urox shrine from providing Berserker to providing this. Berserker is probably part of the reason why the previous raids hurt us so badly - it increases deaths and wounds on both sides. We don't really need any more of that at the moment.

Dark Season's here! I take the chance to rebuild our weaponthane force by two. Twelve weaponthanes total is still smaller than I'd like, but it's better than not having those extra two weaponthanes!

Barngradus and his wife Enent, of your clan, seek your blessing in the marriage of their daughter, Yerestia, to Iskalli, son of the chieftain of the Six Brothers. Barngradus is pleased with the match, and with Iskalli's bride price of 15 cows worth of goods.
-Allow the marriage only if Iskalli comes up with additional gifts.
-Bless the marriage.
-Bless the marriage, and offer to pay 5 cows of additional gifts.
-Disallow the marriage.
-Suggest that Olende would be a better match for Yerestia.

Marriage-bonds between clans build good neighbors. Good neighbors can become allies.

Assuming we can afford it, we should match the generosity of the Six Brothers, thus gaining status and respect.

The rest of you can decide this.

One marriage is worth a dozen wars.

Yerestia is the loveliest and sweetest bride we have to offer. Surely the Six Brothers can pay a bride price more in keeping with her fine qualities.

The Six Brothers look down on us, they do. They'll turn Yerestia against us. Soon she'll have forgotten the entire saga of our clan.

Don't ask Iskalli for more money. I hear his father has a terrible temper, and surely he will raid us if given the faintest provocation.