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Part 67: Storm Season

Good news all around! Unfortunately, this didn't do much to help clan mood - it's still Ugly. It takes more than a marriage to get over the stain of kinslaying.

We have a shitload of sick and injured people, so I sacrificed to Chalana Arroy again in hopes of getting Healing or Curing.

Curing is the one that heals sick people; it won't do much to help us recover from raids, but it's still useful since sick people happen whether or not raids do.

Then Storm Season starts uneventually. I ask Chalana Arroy to cure our sick people. When sacrificing to cure illness or wounds, Chalana will reliably heal approximately one person per good sacrificed. There are times where she'll heal all of the ailing even if your sacrifice isn't large enough to cover them all - she is a merciful goddess, after all!

...I said, she is a merciful goddess, after all. It's rare that this happens, and also a total (and inexplicable) pain in the ass.

One of your weaponthanes, Sartark, appears before the clan and recounts an incident that occured back in the Holy Country, before the migration to Dragon Pass. "When I was just a child, my father Garstal, a weaponthane of this clan, was seized by Orlaront and Orlgandi, then of the Ardling clan. They threw him upon a bonfire, and would not let him off of it, until he had been burned to the bones. Long have I given up hope of vengeance against those two killers. But now I hear that they have been adopted by the Blackrocks. Although they are now old, they must pay for what they did while they were young."

-Allow Sartark to pursue private vengance against them.
-Demand wergild for the slaying of Sartark's father.
-Launch a raid against the Blackrocks.
-Tell Sartark it is not the right time for vengance.
-Tell the Blackrocks to outlaw the men.

The Blackrocks already dislike us; they will not outlaw the men or pay their wergild.

We have no case against the Blackrocks; the killings took place when the men belonged to a far-distant clan. If Sartark kills them, they will have a case against us.

If we raid the Blackrocks, Sartark can avenge his father on the battlefield.

Living cows are more useful than dead enemies.

Sartark will keep asking until we satisfy him - or he may take matters into his own hands, no matter what we say.

In the sagas, personal grudges often turn into full-fledged feuds between clans.

The people sympathize with Sartark's cause, but will not be so happy if it leads us into trouble.