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Part 68: Raiding the Blackrocks

We've decided to raid the Blackrocks so that Sartar can kill the murderous men in a way that won't spark a spiral of violence...we hope. I'm going to try to drag the Wolves along too since our available forces are a bit small for my liking.

We slightly outnumber them, at least. Normally Plunder is selected by default when you raid another clan, but in this case Kill As Many As Possible is the default - we're out for blood, after all!

I decide to charge, go on a killing spree, and spend 4 magic on the battle.

Here you can see that, even if you pick all the right options, victory is not guaranteed. We got an advantage due to rushing them while they were sacricifing, another advantage thanks to our magic, and another advantage since we interrupted their attempt to maneuver, and we even killed and wounded more of their men than ours, but all of that wasn't enough. At least we got away without adding to the pile of injured guys too much.

Ugh. If you saw all those people complaining about this event earlier, shit like this is the reason why - none of the options is sure to let Sartar get his vengence(except for letting him pursue it on his own), and all of them have other consequences. If we'd told him that now wasn't the right time, he'd just come back again and again asking the same thing until he did something on his own. Wergild(and outlawing, for that matter) is unlikely to be given, for reasons Vandarl and Jorator gave last update. Raiding lets us pretend we're not just satisfying one man's quest for vengance, but as you see here, he won't always get the chance to kill the people he wants to. And letting him pursue private vengence ends up with another clan being kind of pissed that one of your people killed two of theirs.

I'm sure someone, somewhere has managed to figure out a "best" way to do this event, but I sure as hell haven't.

But we have a temporary reprieve from dealing with bad stuff, because it's Sacred Time! Sure, we've lost people, cows, and horses, but...we have enough sheep and food, at least?

The omens are fairly unremarkable this year, although that's better than bad omens.

With that said, it's time to allocate clan magic and decide on goals for this year.