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Part 69: Sea Season

Here's our magic spread for the year. Our goals mostly consist of "don't die", "stop being poor", "sacrifice for mysteries", and "explore." Sounds good to me!

Hey, we already have a chance to be less poor! I take the 40 cattle now, since that's a nice wealth injection into a struggling clan such as ours.

The "in a few weeks" means that we don't get the cattle immediately, but we don't need them this instant anyway.

My first project will be improving clan mood, even though only one person voted specifically for that. Why? Because grim is the worst possible clan mood. The good news is that it literally has nowhere to go but up; the bad news is that our clan has the worst possible mood. Accomplishing our other goals will be much easier when the clan's in a better mood.

Fingers crossed...


Wait, that didn't appear to help at all! Too bad there's no way to see the difference between "very grim" and "grim".

So now I'm going to get our craft on - this will give us overflowing amounts of goods to trade with people, to sacrifice with, and to build that Stake Perimeter with. Perhaps the clan will also be happier when they have more shiny baubles.

KODP, that is not an appropriate musical cue for chaos monsters. What the hell.

Jarang comes to petition your priests of Urox for aid. He is from the Wolf clan; their tula has recently been overrun by skeletal harpies, broos, gigantic two-headed snails, and other creatures of chaos. His people are willing to fight the creatures, but they want Storm Bull priests to bless their efforts, so that the chaos will not come back once they kill all of the monsters. Jarang offers you twenty-five cows if you perform this ritual for his clan.

-Accept his offer.
-Ask for higher compensation.
-Perform the ritual, asking nothing in return.
-Refuse them.

As our allies, they expect our aid.

By building a temple to Urox, we proclaimed to our neighbors that we aimed to fight chaos. It would be unseemly to withhold our magic now.

Urox became the special foe of chaos, as he was affronted by the betrayal of the Brother We Do Not Name.

It is fitting that Storm Bull be given cows in exchange for his magic. It is even more fitting that he be given even more cows.

He is in no position to bargain. We can get more.

It is fitting that the Storm Bull be given cows in exchange for his magic.

Our magic is strong now, and we are likely to succeed. Performing the ritual will reduce its strength, however.

I would also like to take this chance to remind you of where the Wolves(and, by extension, the chaos infestation) is in relation to us.