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Part 70: Fire Season

We've decided to do the ritual for free, because we're scared of chaos(and it's probably our fault anyway).

Less chaos and a better reputation! What a refreshing change from last year's events. Although we're down to 6 magic now, losing 2 magic is well worth not having walktopi/giant snails/broos/skeletal harpies on our land.

It's Fire season, and I build a stake perimeter right away because fuck the horse-spawn.

Tricky Wildcats! But we got our cows, so it's fair, I suppose.

Now it's time to cattle raid so that our weaponthanes don't get too bored and so that Orlanth and Humakt don't think we're pussies.

Our luck is really turning around!

Vandarl must have been getting bored, because he decided to state the obvious. I'll get to it, jeez.

Oh well, everyone cattle raids.

Priestesses of Chalana Arroy from many different clans have gathered to pay homage to their goddess. As part of their devotions, they are traveling to various tulas and offering to heal the sick and wounded. They ask only that you promise to aid them in the future, when your help is needed. The more people they heal, the greater the favor they will ask. The people are honored by their visit.

There are 21 people sick. (No wounded, apparently.)

-Ask them to heal all of your sick and wounded.
-Ask them to heal half of your sick and wounded.
-Ask them to heal only a few of your sick and wounded.
-Decline their offer.
-Decline their offer; give them gifts.

Everyone loves and respects the priestesses of Chalan Arroy; if we treat them generously, other clans will look on us with favor.

Chalana Arroy is the virtuous goddess of healing and mercy.

They will honor us all the more if we gift them generously!

People should learn to heal on their own, without the help of priestesses from other clans.

In general, it is bad to promise a favor when you do not know what that favor will be. However, if you can trust anyone, it is priestesses of the Healing Goddess.

Many of the people are sick.

Not all attempts to heal succceed, but these priestesses have powerful magic.