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by Haifisch

Part 71: Earth Season

We healed all the sick just in time for the harvest!

And the people have cheered up a little. It's a start. Although not being raided to hell and back during Fire season probably helped too.

Exploring our tula continued to be a popular option at the start-of-year voting, so I decide to do that now.

Your explorers find an old series of sacred stones in a forest clearing while exploring your tula. Your magicians say that the stones are probably inhabited by sleeping spirits.

-Brag to other clans about this find
-Conduct a divination
-Dig up the stones
-Find shamans to awaken the spirits of the stones
-Shrug and go about your business

I have heard Orlanth speak in the Sacred Time and understand how to impress our neighbors with glorious words.

This area was last inhabited by other dragonfriends. Spirits in the stones might be friendly.

Almost anything that is holy has its own spirit. Not all spirits are friendly.

If we can boast as well as Orlanth, other clans will be impressed by our find. If we bost like Eurmal, they will think less of us.

The shamans will want a gift of ten cows to awaken the stone spirits.

The spirits won't like us.

The spirits will be unfriendly towards us. Best to let them slumber.