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Part 72: Interrupted Honor

We're a bunch of braggarts, apparently. Hopefully Jorator is as good a bragger as he thinks he is.

Either our neighbors are impressed by anything, or Jorator left out the "evil spirits out to do us harm if awakened" bit.

We still have a turn left in Earth. Not long enough for traders, diplomats, or explorers-not-on-our-tula to return safely before dark, but I'll find something for us to do. First of all:

Look at our food stockpile. That is a glorious pile of (mostly) wheat & barley. Enough to help us weather any future bad harvest years. In theory I could have cranked up the wheat even more to take advantage of the good harvest omen, but in practice Ernalda won't like it if you ignore any of her children too much(which translates to having to have ~20% of a given crop as a minimum).

Not much else to do, so let's explore the tula again!

Oh well.

One of your carls, Broyan, complains that his wife, Yerestia, has dishonored him. It all started when he went to worship at the Wolf temple, and was insulted by Kostardos, one of their carls. He challenged Kostardos to a duel, but Yerestia did not want him to fight. When the appointed day of the duel arrived, she found where the men were fighting, and knocked Broyan dizzy with a big branch. He could not complete the duel, and has now lost his honor.

I know KODP has a set pool of names to draw from, but that's Garstal, Ortossi, Fedarkos, and now Kostardos we've seen pop up. It's getting kind of eerie. (especially since the pool of names is fairly wide)

-Convince Broyan that Yerestia had his best interests at heart.
-Encourage Broyan to duel Kostardos again.
-Scold Yerestia.
-Scold Broyan.
-"This is not a matter for the clan ring."

The Wolves are our friends, and we will not let a little duel come between us.

Broyan's complaint to us is not about Kostardos' behaviour, but about Yerestia's. As husband and wife, they are kin, and we should not intervene in a dispute between them.

Neither of them are especially good fighters. If they duel, they will probably wear each other out, with no serious injuries on either side.

Smashing your husband's skull in is not exactly an alternative to violence.

Although both of them think they're in the right, Broyan will respond better to a scolding than Yenestria.

The women will be unhappy if we mistreat Yenestria.

The Wolves will be unhappy if Kostardos is killed.