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Part 73: Dark Season

KODP: Where doing absolutely nothing about a problem is sometimes the best way to solve it.

Now that it's all cold and snowy out, it's a perfect time to learn some mysteries. I go for Humakt, since it'd be nice to have a blessing that helps us in battle other than Urox's "you might win more but your people will be a lot more beaten up after each raid" Berserker blessing.

Battle Luck improves our chances of victory with no downside. Why the hell does Berserker exist again?

After this, our clan mood improves further, from being gloomy to being merely dissatisfied. We've almost completely recovered from last year's misery.

I sacrifice for one of Vinga's blessings next, because both of them are incredible. Pathfinder protects our explorers - this hasn't been important so far since I've stuck to exploring our tula, but going to the further reaches of Dragon Pass can get very dangerous. Fyrdwomen allows our women to come to the defense of the tula, which is a very nice boost.

Although there's still stuff to find on our tula, it might be time to start sending some guys to more distant parts of the pass. I don't have an excuse for not doing it now, anyway.

Bastakos, a thane of the Anmangarn clan, asks you for a gift of luck and divine favor on behalf of his clan. He reminds you that you owe them a favor.

-Give him nothing.
-Give him less than the customary amount.
-Give him more than the customary amount.
-Give the customary amount.
-Offer him gifts instead.
-"Our clan magic is weak right now."

If we give him more than he asks, we will gain a reputation for generosity, which will help us politically.

We owe them a favor, but don't necessarily have to give them exactly what they want, exactly when they want it.

The warriors are few, and ill-equipped. We should curry the favor of the strong, and forget about these weaklings.

Bad King Urgrain owed many favors. When thanes of other kingdoms came to collect these favors, he said, "I am doing you a favor by leaving your heads on your shoulders."

If we are generous, it will be easier to bargain with them in the future.

We owe them a favor, and must make at least some effort to make good on it.

Our clan magic is strong; we can afford to help them. If we say otherwise, they will know it.