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Part 74: Storm Season

Wave farewell to 3 magic. Yes, apparently the customary amount is 3 and not 2, like some have said.

Storm Season! Time to see if we can get another trade route - more routes means more goods, and more goods means more temples/extravagent generosity/defensive fortifications.

Then I build a shrine to Vinga while waiting for Jarolor to come back. Did I mention that Pathfinder is a really good blessing? Because it is, and I want it permanently. (especially since I suspect you guys will want us to explore something other than the tula soon)

I have no idea what red burstings disease is, but I'm glad it's not affecting our cattle. Indeed, this is the best possible situation since it's affecting the hated Vostangi!

We had a good, if somewhat uneventful, year.

Guess who's not planting any wheat this year!

Also, vote for magic allocation and(not anymore, since voting for magic is dull) yearly goals, as usual. I'm also going to be adding a list of known clans to the OP shortly, so that everyone has a good idea of our political situation. (most of the names on the map are purple, for what it's worth.)