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by Haifisch

Part 75: Sea Season

Our goals this year are raiding, exploring, heroquesting, bothering the gods, and maybe trading or something. Simple enough. (except for the heroquest part; sounds like those who care about a specific quest want me to do Humakt the Champion. Hope we don't get Harvar killed!)

Before I get a chance to do anything, an event happens!

While plowing the fields, the carls find something strange. It's an enormous skull of some kind of dragon creature.

-Destroy it.
-Display it in a temple or shrine.
-Display it in the clan hall.
-Rebury it.
-Trade it away.

Dedicate this treasure to the gods.

It might be worth something as a curiosity.

Let the warriors help the carls. (let the warriors help destroy it, he means. Usually the ring advice is comprehensable on its own, but some lines like this depend on the way the game highlights the option(s) the ringmember wants you to take.)

For some reason this makes me think of Maran Gor, Ernalda's earth-shaking sister.

I can probably get a good price for it.

Won't we seem ridiculous if we proudly display something we don't understand?

It's an Earthshaker. Kin to the great dragons, but not a dragon itself.